What is FPT file extension?

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FPT file extension can typically be found on files that are created by the FileMaker Pro application. FPT stands for FileMaker Pro and files with this extension are typically saved under the FileMaker folder created when installing the program. FileMaker Pro is a program that handles relational databases across different platforms. Its developer is FileMaker Inc., an Apple Inc. subsidiary. Through FPT files created by FileMaker Pro, users can integrate or use different database engines by means of a GUI or graphic-user interface. With this kind of interface, database management is made easy and simple. FPT files may be managed by simple drag and drop technique. In the case of integrating new forms or layouts to a particular database for example, these elements may be added by simply dragging the FPT files.

People that use various Apple products including the iPhone and iPad may encounter files with the FPT extension in their mobile devices. Latest versions of the FileMaker Pro application include FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and FileMaker Go 12 for various Apple devices.

Users with computers that run with windows may also get to see FPT files in their computers. This is because the FileMaker Pro program also has a version for Windows operating systems. FileMaker Pro actually started off as a program based on MS-DOS and eventually it evolved into a cross-platform relational database application that can be run on various devices that are pre-installed with several computer platforms. In many of these devices, several FPT files may be encountered. The only concern about these files is that if users suspect them as malware or infected files. If users are familiar with this file, they contain text regarding the descriptions of a particular database. For those who are not familiar with FPT files, it is always best to have them scanned first and handled by computer experts.

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