What is Fomo?

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Fomo means the fear of missing out which is a psychological disorder that is considered to be both a phobia and an addiction. Many people may suffer from this mental condition but may not know it. It is considered to be a disease that is related to technology.

Fomo is when a person fears that he or she is missing out an event that is probably a lot exciting compared to what the person is doing at the moment. The person feels that another event is happening while he or she is busy doing real-life tasks. Many consider Fomo to be at trend that is brought about by technological advancements that can cause havoc on a person’s personal as well as professional life.

Symptoms and signs of Fomo

Fomo can also mean that the person may feel that he or she is missing out in making possible new connections over the internet.

Fomo may be persistent in the daily lives of people if they are texting inside the vehicle while driving, checking social media accounts even when spending time with friends and taking mobile phone calls even while having dinner with family and friends.

Fomo may create problems for those who are already addicted and have developed a phobia for missing out.

Repercussions of Fomo

A person who has Fomo often misses out connecting to others in real life. Their addiction to their social media accounts and other internet platforms may cause them to connect poorly in face-to-face interactions.

For example, a girl who is out on a date may constantly check their social media accounts rather than taking the time to get to know her date.

A person who is suffering from FOMO may also limit his or her connections to people via online since they no longer take the time to interact in person with others.

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