What is foam made out of?

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What is foam made out of?

Foams are substances that are formed by way of trapping gas in a mixture of either solid or liquid.  When this particular gas is trapped, it will then form into bubbles which represent different regions of gas-inserted particles.  The more gas is inserted to a liquid mixture or substance for example, the more foam will be formed.  Depending on the liquid or solid substance involved, different types of foam may be created.  All types though are similar in a sense that gas is always needed to create new spaces and regions in the newly created material called foam.

In the case of soaps and shampoos, foam is formed when there are numerous bubbles formed after rubbing them onto the skin or over the head. With contents like ammonium lauryl sulfate for example, bubbles are easily formed when water comes in contact with the soap or shampoo.  This particular chemical basically makes the formation of foam easier with water and this why it is called as a foaming agent.  With this substance’s addition to the ingredients of soap or shampoos, liquid foams or lather will be formed.

Foams may also be made out of the substance called polyethylene. When a gassing agent is introduced into this particular substance, a flexible type of foam may be created. This type of foam is typically used in making shoes.  Meanwhile, when this substance is also mixed with urethane, more flexible foams may be created like the mattresses people use in their homes.  In this type of foam, one can literally see the bubble-like appearance of the flexible mattress.  Foams made using these substances are typically used in the making of beds, chairs, and other furniture.

There are also other forms that are made more rigid rather than soft and cushioned.  In this type of foam, urethane is also used and injected with a gassing agent.  The bubbles are very small though and the resulting foam created will be more rigid like those sponge-like cubes used in floral design and arrangements.

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