What is FNMA Alliance?

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What is FNMA Alliance?

Many people have been asking what the FNMA Alliance is all about.  Some have heard of this organization through friends while others have direct experience with the organization through a series of phone calls.  Not many people exactly know much about what business the FNMA Alliance is engaged in with some calling it by different names.  Some have called it the ‘FMA Alliance’ while others remember it as ‘SMA Alliance.’  The discrepancy in the name of the organization suggests that there isn’t much concrete knowledge about this particular organization.

Most people know about the FNMA Alliance as a collections agency.  As a collections agency, some staff and employees of this organization basically contact people with debt or credit owed to banks and other financial institutions.  Many people actually get to be introduced to the FNMA Alliance or agency when one of their customer support agents calls them several times in a single day.  Some are even annoyed by the agents of this organization because many are considered rude and don’t seem to care what time it is on a given day when they call.  Some have even complained that calls from this organization are sometimes done late at night or too early in the morning.  Usually, the phone call is about retrieving any information from a certain person who may have some debt concerns with a particular financial institution. The involved person may be a relative, office colleague, or neighbor.  What annoys most people is that the agents from the FNMA Alliance seem to want to get contact or reference details in any way they want.  Some go for friendly talk at the start and then ask a lot of questions later.  There are also instances wherein agents demand reference details or contact information from the person they are talking with.

The main business that the FNMA Alliance is involved in revolves around possible collection of debt from different people.  But before they can start collecting any money for payment to corresponding financial institutions, they must first get the contact details of the persons involved.

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