What is FML in testing?

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What is FML in testing?
FML stands for F*ck My Life and people use the acronym to express anger or disgust and/or discontent about his/her present life. Many credit FML’s popularity to the movie “SuperBad” where there’s a scene when an employee from a liquor store utters the phrase “F*ck My Life”. Since then, FML has been widely used to express feelings of negativity when nothing seems to go right at a particular moment in one’s life.

FML, the acronym, also seems a safe and “clean” way to show negative emotions rather than blurting out the entire phrase. People who consider themselves somewhat nice and conservatives like this option to be able to express feelings and not be so offensive. It is also very common for people to shorten words in text messages, be it in on mobile phones or on internet chat rooms. So using FML easily became popular.

FML is part of this generation’s pop culture. There are no exact rules on how bad your life or situation can be to use FML in your messages. Some people use FML quite too often for simple or minor missteps and annoyances like being stuck in traffic, waiting in line at the cash register, having a “bad hair day”, being late for some event, and just about any event in life that one considers not good enough. As for the others, they use FML for major disappointments like losing a job or a pet, having a huge argument with the boss, having been cheated by a boyfriend or girlfriend, finding out that your partner is gay, and many other unfortunate circumstances.

From texting on mobile phones and posting on chatrooms, the use of FML has become a craze on the web also. Various posts and shoutouts in Facebook and Twitter are flooded with FML-type messages. It even has its own website now called “fmylife.com” solely intended for people’s rants and ill-feelings. Some people find the posts funny while other consider some posts too offensive, too private, and too unfortunate to scream out to the wired world.

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