What is flvtube.exe?

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Flvtube.exe is an executable file that allows one to download and view Flash videos. Through this file, one just needs to have it installed in the computer and he/she will be able to view flash videos. These videos typically have a .flv extension and these files can only be opened with media players that can handle FLV or flash videos. Many people encounter the file flvtube.exe when they try to download videos from the internet, most specifically YouTube, a very popular video sharing website. With the increasing popularity of video content over the internet, many people now regularly view and download similar content through YouTube. Through the file flvtube.exe, people may be able to view and/or download their favorite videos from the popular website or channel. In some instances, some videos are only available for viewing on the YouTube channel online but some of these videos may be downloaded and played again on one’s computer even when one is offline. The only way to do it though is through the flash video player which can be installed through the flvtube.exe file.

Many concerns surround this particular executable file. Some people even consider it a malware or virus since it cripples the computer’s resources or stops other applications from running successfully. Some flvtube.exe files are actually legit in terms of providing viewing and downloading services on the YouTube channel. The problem is that viruses and malware easily cling to executable files like flvtube.exe and this is what gives them a bad reputation. When this file gets infected, it could literally wreak havoc to one’s computer. Under normal cases, people are advised not to download any executable files like flvtube.exe on their computers especially from untrusted sites. The best thing to do is to have this file scanned by a reliable anti-virus software or have it checked by computer experts before any installation is done. When in doubt, experts advise people to delete this file from their computers.

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