What is fluorine used for?

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Fluorine has many uses and items made with fluorine are used for everyday lives.

Fluorine has been around for how many centuries, but scientists had a difficult time isolating this element since no other elements can free fluorine from any of its compound. And as such, flourine was only identified by Moisson, a scientist in 1889.

It is the ninth element of the periodic table and located in the second period of the table.

Fluorine comes in the form of gas that is yellowish at room temperature. Fluorine can be very dangerous, and it is also poisonous. It also easily reacts with other elements.

Uses of fluorine

As we have mentioned, fluorine has many uses and by-products of fluorine can be found every day at homes.

Toothpaste is one of the products that have fluorine on it. Fluorine makes the teeth white and as such, toothpaste makers mix small amounts of fluorine in toothpaste to whiten teeth. It is also used to prevent the decaying of the teeth.

A refrigerator works because of Freon that is pushed inside the system of tubes of the refrigerator. It is Freon that makes the refrigerator cold. And fluorine is one of the primary elements needed to produce Freon.

Artists also use fluorine to produce etched glass. Fluorine is used to make hydrofluoric acid that is in turn used for etched glasses. Light bulbs are also made from hydrofluoric acid.

Scientists also use fluorine for the fuel of rockets. As mentioned, fluorine can easily react to other elements and as such it can produce explosive reactions. This is the reason scientists use fluorine as fuel for rocket ships.

Fluorine is also used to purify other elements. For example, scientists make use of fluorine to refine uranium. Uranium is widely used as fuel for nuclear reactors. Fluorine purifies the uranium.

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