What is FLKRS?

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‘FLKRS’ stands for ‘Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener,’ and it refers to a form of screening tests for incoming kindergarten students for all public schools in the state of Florida.  FLKRS is a requirement for all new kindergarten students in Florida as directed by Florida’s Department of Education.  This particular screening test is administered at every school district in Florida and is typically administered by various testing sites and providers across the region.  The main requirement for FLKRS is that it must be taken within the first 30 days of the school year.  For parents who wish to have their children enrolled in public kindergarten schools, their children must be enrolled to take the FLKRS.

The screening test involved in FLKRS is actually divided into two parts.  The first part is called ECHOS, or Early Childhood Observation System.  This part of the screening test assesses where the child is in terms of the seven areas or domains of early childhood learning.  These domains include: language and literacy, arts, physical development, science, mathematics, personal or social development, and social studies.  Through ECHOS, a child’s ability or knowledge in this wide variety of domains will be observed and checked.  The second part of the screening is called FAIR-K, or Florida Assessments for Instructions in Reading – Kindergarten.  This part will basically try to check the early literacy skills of incoming kindergarten schoolchildren.

Both ECHOS and FAIR-K aim to provide a standardized assessment of children that enter kindergarten in the state of Florida.  Through FLKRS, a child’s readiness to be part of regular, early schooling is assessed.  In the case of children with disabilities, for example, the ECHOS part of FLKRS may not be the most appropriate method to assess a child’s literacy, for example.  However, the FLKRS will also become useful and handy in terms of providing the needed accommodation for children with disabilities and those with difficulty in some learning domains.

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