What is Flip Cup?

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What is Flip Cup?
Flip cup is a type of team game involving the drinking of beer. The main concept of this beer-drinking game originated from students in colleges and universities across the US. During educational breaks and in-house or dormitory parties, many young people play this drinking game to add fun and variety to the usual partying and drinking around campuses. “Flippy Cup” or “Tippy Cup” are the other names of this popular beer-drinking game.

Two teams of the same number of players are involved in this particular game. Opposing teams face each other but are divided by a table between them. Beer is placed usually on plastic or disposable cups and placed in front of each team member. Once the setup is complete, teams can now start to play. The designated first player of each team will start the game and drink his/her own beer. After finishing it, he/she should place the empty cup near the table’s edge and try to flip it so the cup rim will face the table bottom down. The challenge is that flipping the cup involves rules that does not allow blowing to the cup and/or use the hands. When the first team member of either team finishes his beer and is able to flip it, the next team member follows until all members of the team does the same. The team with all members finishing the beer drinking and flipping task first wins the game.

In other campuses and universities, variations surfaced out of the classic beer-drinking rules on flipping the beer cup after drinking. In some games, the losing team may challenge the winning team to continue playing the game with an additional rule called a “vote-off”. In this particular game, a team may vote-off a member if he/she is considered a “slow” member until such time that only one member may represent the whole team and fight with the opposing team of multiple members.

Flip Cup has increased popularity over the years not only in college and university campuses but also at home and office parties. There even is a nationwide tournament called the “World Series of Flip Cup” which is held every year.

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