What is flex fuel?

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Flex fuel is short for flexible fuel and it refers to a blend of standard gasoline and other fuels like methanol or ethanol to power a car or automobile. Most vehicles in the world today are equipped with engines that run on pure gasoline only. With flex fuel, car engines are said to be better off in terms of power and efficiency especially during winter season. The adjustments made on flex fuel are said to beneficial for cars in the cold weather. The development of alternative fuel technology like flex fuel is also encouraged by tax incentives provided by various governments across the world. With reliance on pure gasoline, much of the world’s resources in terms of oil is dwindling with the demands by people increasing exponentially year after year. The reliance on gasoline is also blamed by various organizations as one of the main contributors to global warming. With this concern, the search for alternative fuel systems came about and this has resulted to several flex fuel blends.

One of the most common type or blend of flex fuel is referred to as E85. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. This type of flex fuel is said to be very good for areas where the climate gets very cold at some parts of a given year. E85 is the flex fuel of choice in many countries like the US, Brazil, and Canada among others. Almost 40 million vehicles across the globe are said to have engines running with flex fuel E85 variety. The best thing about flex fuel technology is that it only involves the use of one common engine for both gasoline and ethanol components. Both these components are mixed together in one tank and provides power to the vehicle engine similar to standard gasoline-fed engines. In terms of the engine bay, vehicles that run on flex fuel look the same with standard gasoline engines because only 1 tank is used for both gasoline and ethanol components.

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