What is fleece?

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Fleece is the covering of sheep or goat which is woolly or a fabric that has a woolly appearance. The term fleece however is commonly used in reference to a fabric material.

Fleece as a fabric is very soft. Contrary to popular belief, fleece fabric is not made from the coverings of a goat or a sheep. Fleece is made from synthetic fibers like polyethylene.

Many prefer this type of fabric since it is made from polyethylene which is a kind of plastic resin. As such, polyethylene can be sourced from recycled plastic bottles or jugs, making it very environment friendly. Plus, this fabric is relatively cheap given that it can be sourced from recycled materials.

Fleece is a lightweight but breathable material as air can flow through this fabric easily. Many dressmakers or clothes manufacturers prefer to use this fabric type over wool since it is much softer and friendlier to the skin. Plus, some individuals prefer fleece over wool since wool can cause skin irritations.


Most athletic articles are made from fleece such as jogging pants, sweatshirts and other active wear. Active wear manufacturers prefer this material given that it is light yet breathable. Fleece allows air to circulate which is a relief for those who are perspiring from heat or from active physical activities.

Fleece can also be used for clothes designed for cold weather such as hats, scarves, jackets and gloves. Piles of flees can keep a person warm despite its breathable feature.

There are also some items found at home that are made from fleece including blanket and throw pillow covers.

Creating clothes or other items using this type of material is easy since it is easy to cut given that the fabric is not slippery or glossy. Those who are making items out of fleece do not need special sewing machines.

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