What is FK accuracy?

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In the very popular game of football, free kicks are some of the most anticipated moments in any game as they could result in the most dramatic goals.  Free kicks are typically awarded to a team following a foul committed by the opposing team.  When a direct free kick is awarded, a designated player is chosen to do it and hopefully score a goal for the team.  With football being known for long games with no scores, free kicks become anticipated highlights.  With so many good players of the game, many of them are judged based on their free kick accuracy.  This particular term simply refers to the actual percentage of free kicks that result into actual goals.  A player will simply have good free kick accuracy if most of his free kicks result into actual goals for his team.  The more a player scores during a free kick, the higher will be his points or percentage in terms of free kick accuracy.

Free kicks are typically done at the area where the foul occured.  Direct free kicks are those that are done by designated players to score a goal.  The ball need not touch other players in order for the goal to be counted.  The kick may literally be directed towards the goal itself.  In any football game, free kick statistics are counted on areas wherein the actual kick is done near the opposing goal line or net.  In this way, an actual goal may possibly be scored by the free kick taker. Designated free kick takers for any team will then be ranked based on their accuracy. Free kicks that resulted to an actual goal will be counted and will contribute to the player’s free kick accuracy. Some experts also count FK accuracy in terms of ball direction.  Even if the kick did not result in a goal but when the ball goes to the right direction which is the net, then this particular kick is considered accurate and will contribute to a player’s FK accuracy.

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