What is Fiorinal?

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What is Fiorinal?
You might have heard about Fiorinal before, but you might be uncertain about its properties, and different characteristics. Well, if you find this medicine interesting, you better read on, as a few of its details will be discussed in this article.

To start with, Fiorinal is a combination of aspirin’s analgesic properties as well as butalbital’s properties for muscle relaxation. After further studies, it has been found out that Fiorinal actually is very effective due to the combination of these properties. In fact, it is better in treating diseases with the presence of these two rather than the individual ones. Speaking of diseases, Fiorinal is known for the treatment if extreme headache, psychic tension, and muscle pains from the head to the neck and shoulder areas. Though Fiorinal has been said to be effective in the treatment of the above-mentioned diseases, it is still very important to be very careful in its use since it has butalbital as a component. Again, butalbital can be a substance that might be abused, which will really lead to serious problems soon.

Fiorinal also has a few contraindications. This includes patients with angioedema, syndrome of nasal polyps, over reactivity to aspirin, and anaphylactoid reactions. It is also advised not to use it for patients with serious peptic ulcer problems as well as gastrointestinal lesions. Hypersensitivity to Fiorinal’s major components is also another contraindication. By components, it means aspirin, caffeine and butalbital. For patients with poryphria, Fiorinal is also not advised.

Since Fiorinal can be a very strong substance, it really has to be taken with care and under the prescription of a doctor. Aside from the contraindications mentioned above, it is also important to remember that pregnant women cannot just take this medicine. Those who have other serious diseases should also not take Fiorinal. If you are also under medication with some other medicines, you also need to avoid Fiorinal.

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