What is FileZilla?

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FileZilla refers to a brand of software that enables users to transfer files from one location to another via a local network or online. Through its server and client components, users of the FileZilla application can send or receive files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Encryption can also be included in the transferring of files in FileZilla via FTPS and standard SFTP. The great thing about FileZilla is that it is a freeware that is available to individuals and even corporate entities. Individuals and companies may use FileZilla for free with their file transfer needs and activities. Users simply need to install the FileZilla application and get permissions on which computers or servers to access in order to start sending or receiving files.

Another great thing about FileZilla is that it works across different platforms. This popular file-transfer program has specific versions for the Windows and Linux operating systems and even Mac OS X. People who use different computers need not worry about their file-transfer needs with FileZilla’s cross-platform features and capabilities.

Most users of FileZilla like the application because of it is very easy to use. Drag and drop method is allowed by the application making it very simple to transfer or receive files. For people who wish to transfer big files, the actual transfer may even be paused and continued at a later time making it a very convenient. Editing of files can also be done remotely while connected to FileZilla. This feature basically saves time in terms of downloading and re-uploading files for editing. Bookmarking may also be done for frequently-used files for easy access and retrieval. Multi-tasking is also possible on FileZilla enabling users to do file transfers with multiple servers. File searching and logging can also be done on a remote server location with FileZilla.

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