What is Fiat?

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What is Fiat?
Fiat is the brand name for a line of vehicles. It is considered a distinctive, high-class brand featuring typical Italian design. Fiat stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, translated as Italian Automobile Factory of Turin.

Fiat is proud of their vehicle’s design claiming, ‘Italian tradition, immaculate details and harmonious forms typical of the cars from the fifties to the seventies, combined with the influences of Italian culture and fashion.’

The Fiat brand was founded in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli, with the help of several investors. Agnelli ran the company until his death in 1945. Fiat has always had a reputation for distinction. For example, when the first Fiat cars were sold in the United States in 1908, they cost between $3,600 and $8,600. The Model T ran for about $825.

The company attempts to evolve with the times using cutting edge research, a variety of safety testing measures and an emphasis on vehicles that are considered easy on the environment. They also have technological vehicles equipped with bluetooth and digital music capabilities.

Fiat currently has 27 vehicles on the market ranging from small compact cars such as the 500C to family vehicles to environmentally friendly vehicles such as the Panda. They also sell corporate and commercial trucks and vans.

Fiat is not limited to cars and trucks, however. In their long history they have also designed aircraft, trains and tanks.

As of 2009, Fiat was ranked the ninth largest carmaker in the world and is Italy’s largest carmaker. They have won the European Car of the Year award 12 times, more than any other carmaker.

Though Fiat began at a small factory in Italy, the company currently has factories all around the world.

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