What is FDR?

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What is FDR?
FDR stands for “Fast Dump Restore” and is composed of a variety of products for DASD or “direct access storage device” management. FDR is said to provide fast and efficient performance in terms of dump restore systems without any adverse effect on robustness, reliability, and user-friendliness. FDR also provides the best protection for business data and gives solutions to data storage management concerns by business or enterprise customers.

FDR is developed by Innovation Data Processing and is able to support hardware and application from IBM and various other vendors in the industry. With ABR or “Automatic Backup and Recovery”, data set backups can now be automated. This means the system allows for the creation of an automatic backup every time there is an update. With ABR, FDR can also be utilized in archiving stale data. Another product extension is FDRINSTANT which allows for non-disruptive copying or backup of MVS direct access storage device volumes.

In the IBM platform, the FDR Suite for z/OS provides a single software for data protection, enterprise robustness and resiliency, and business continuance. With this suite are some optional features like APL or application backup, APR or incremental backup, DRP or Disaster Recovery, and CPK or volume space management. With companies and business needing protection for data and information that they depend on for operational activities, FDR provides the fastest solution in terms of data storage management. With features such as instant and automatic backup, businesses will be more secure and protected. Not to mention that the data backup system involved is “non-disruptive”, which means increased efficiency across the entire network. There are also no issues with regards to compatibility in terms of FDR releases and different versions to the z/OS and other IBM-related software and applications. This leads a very reliable and efficient data management system admired by businesses and enterprises.

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