What is FDA?

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FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, which refers to an agency in the US designated to ensure the safety of a wide variety of consumer products. This regulatory agency has a fairly wide scope in different industries, such as in the field of veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals.

This agency, which was established under the Federal Food and Drugs Act of 1906, is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. The Federal Food and Drugs Act was passed and implemented in order to address the concern of consumers regarding the safety of foods and drugs in the US.

During its early years, the FDA has various flaws and was improved with the Pure Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of 1938. During the 20th century, several improvements were also made, in order to address the public health issues that have emerged.

This regulatory agency is composed of various departments which are assigned to handle different issues. There are departments which are designated for the regulation of food safety, vaccines, development of drugs, medical devices, blood products, cosmetics, veterinary medicine, and products which emit radiation.

One of the main duties of the FDA is to review new products in terms of their safety, before allowing it to be available in the market. Aside from that, the FDA also investigates the existing products and make assessments about the products’ claims, advertising, and labeling. In general, the aim of this regulatory agency is to make sure that the consumers have access to products that are safe to use and are provided with accurate information about these goods.

There are different types of professionals who work for the FDA, such as field inspectors and chemists who conduct research studies. The Food and Drug Administration has the authority to recall products that are proven to be unsafe and can also issue warnings to the public regarding certain products.

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