What is FCPMS.exe?

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What is FCPMS.exe?

FCPMS.exe refers to an executable file that is part of the Freecom Personal Media Suite.  This file is a non-system process that typically runs in the background while a person is using his/her computer.  Freecom is a German company that offers a variety of computer accessories and peripherals.  Products of Freecom include: optical hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash disks, and other storage devices.  Installation of any of these products on a person’s computer will result in various files being installed on the same computer.  One of these files is FCPMS.exe, and it comes along with the installation of the Freecom Personal Media Suite.

Many people often encounter FCPMS.exe when viewing the Task Manager on their computers.  Some people even suspect this as a virus while others think of it as something that could slow the computer down.  As an executable file, FCPMS.exe just runs in the background without much effect to the other core functions of the computer’s operating system.  It does not require much memory and power resource from the computer and performs a non-system function.  This simply means that users can stop this program from running in the background without worrying about computer performance.  All other programs and applications will run smoothly and successfully even after stopping this particular file from running.

The only problem with FCPMS.exe is that it may be infected by a virus.  When this happens, error messages may pop out when using other programs with some messages pointing to this specific file as the main cause of the problem.  Normally, though, FCPMS.exe is not the infected file itself but rather may get infected because it is an executable file.  If infected, this file may consume computer resources and may cause slowdowns on a particular application or the whole operating system itself.  Whenever infection is detected or suspected, one may immediately remove or delete this particular file to avoid further damage of computer systems and files.  FCPMS.exe has a 20 percent dangerous and security warning if infected, and so users must immediately delete this file to restore optimum performance of one’s computer.

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