What is FAYM?

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What is FAYM?

FAYM refers to the Foundation to Assist Young Musicians, a non-profit organization formed in 2007 to help young musicians who may have great talent and skills but don’t have the necessary means for development and training. The basic programs of FAYM are geared towards helping poor kids get the support they need in terms of honing their talents and gift.  Through FAYM, kids with musical gifts can get an early training through scholarship programs that are provided by the organization.

One special program provided by FAYM is the Violins for Kids program. This particular program offers free violin lessons for young children.  Pre-school or kindergarten level children are eligible to avail of the free lessons provided by this program.  Aside from the musical training and instruction, the children will also be provided with instruments and all the materials they need for their violin classes.  The program basically offers at least two free violin lessons for any given week and the students will also be able to experience a music camp by the end of their program or school year.  This music camp lasts for about a week and is commonly held around June.  The Violins for Kids program is one of many popular programs under FAYM and it is funded by various people and organizations across the US.

The FAYM office is located in Nevada, USA and all its administrative activities are run by volunteers of the organization.  This simply means that all donations received by the organization are used up to support the various scholarships programs and activities.  Aside from providing free musical instruction, FAYM has also evolved into helping young musicians in terms of mentoring programs or promotional support.  Up to the age of 26, young musicians are given various opportunities to perform at various public and private occasions with the help of many collaborative partners in the music industry.


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