What is fat shaming?

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Fat shaming is a type of bias or bullying towards people who are fat or overweight. Some people simply make fun at people who are fat while others put on some kind of disguise when trying to bully or shame those who are seemingly or obviously overweight. The main idea of fat shaming is to let obese people feel they are different, shameful, laughable, and unworthy. Fat shaming is like a stigma imposed upon people who are overweight.

People who are overweight and fat have always been looked down upon even in the past. For many people who do fat-shaming, being fat can mean a lot of bad things. Some people have a bias towards fat people and find them undisciplined because of the assumed unhealthy eating habits. Many fat people have indeed very unhealthy and undisciplined eating habits but this does not make them ready targets for ridicule in the form of fat shaming. Not many people may know that being fat and obese does not only result from over-eating. Some extra pounds and weight may be put on easily by some people because of genetics or some hormonal or medical disorder .

There are also other biases towards the obese people. Fat people are often discriminated upon because they are also seen as lazy and unattractive. Some people also brand them as lacking enough willpower to achieve great things in life and many blame this trait as the reason they become or stay fat. In some instances, fat shaming also takes the form of a sarcastic comment or compliment. Not many fat people may know it, but the comments of others may be thought of as true or harmless but in fact some do it with double-meaning or in a sarcastic kind of way. A person for example who congratulates a fat person for taking gym classes may not necessarily be giving a true compliment but may rather be criticizing the fat person for taking so long to go to the gym. This kind of fat shaming has become a norm for many people in different societies across the globe.

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