What is FADC?

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FADC or Focus Attack Dash Cancel is a special move for players attacking an enemy in the game Street Fighter 4.  In this popular arcade game, opposing players fight each other using punches, kicks, spins, and special moves.  Through FADC, a special move may be cancelled right after a focus attack and this is done by dashing out.

To make the so-called FADC special move in Street Fighter 4, players need to master the basic move of giving a focus attack to the opponent. This is done by pressing mid punch and mid kick moves at the same time.  This simple move may be able to counter single attacks from the opponent including basic punches and kicks and even fireballs. Oftentimes this basic move is enough to counter the unskilful opponent.  When it comes to more skilful players, special moves may be needed for fighting. By simply pressing the mid kick and mid punch longer, the focus attack will also be stronger in intensity.  With greater focus attack intensity, opponents will then begin to crumple and this will present an opportunity for further attack and more special moves.

The time of crumpling is the best time that dashing out may be done through pressing the forward or backward buttons.  Dashing out basically builds on the focus attack to gain more force against the opponent.  This is also the time for FADC with the combined focus attack and dashing to be cancelled out.  The dashing is typically followed by another special move but if a player decides to cancel this special move it may be done so with another focus attack.  The cancellation of the special move is the main feature of FADC and this is done not to give space to the opponent for a counter-attack move but rather to put more force in the attack and possibly result to more damage in the opponent. FADC may also be helpful in terms of countering opponents when the first move is blocked.  In this way, the opponent will keep on trying to block one’s special move.

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