What is FAAB Fantasy Football?

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What is FAAB Fantasy Football?

FAAB stands for Free Agent Acquisition Bid and it refers to some kind of salary cap when acquiring players and free agents in a so-called fantasy football team. A fantasy football team literally represents what it name suggests. It is a virtual team that can be composed of various players and athletes that a person chooses. The only catch is that the person creating a fantasy football team needs to have the ins and outs of managing a football team. Skills needed include the ability to create a team of the best players and the ability to acquire needed players to complete the team.

In order to get players or free agents in a Fantasy Football League for example, team owners or managers are typically given a virtual team budget in terms of player acquisitions. This is in the form of FAAB or Free Agent Acquisition Budget. The basic purpose for this concept is to provide an equitable system for various team managers in the virtual world of the Fantasy Football League. Under FAAB, each team will be allocated with a similar budget and can bid for various players that are listed on the free agents list. Member teams can then bid for various players using the virtual money as provided by FAAB. For teams that bid for two free agents for example, the corresponding virtual money that was bid will then be automatically deducted from the team’s budget or FAAB. This system basically ensures that virtual teams will have a fair share of players because of salary capping.

The best feature of FAAB in Fantasy Football is that the choosing of players is via a blind bid with the highest bid awarded the chosen player. Instead of having to race out and scramble against a competitor by literally logging online and getting a prospect, all teams will have to place a bid with all bids processed as a batch. In this way, all virtual teams will have a fair share of their wanted players because the corresponding team budget will be deducted for every player won in the Fantasy Football league.

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