What is ezgigmonitor exe?

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Ezgigmonitor is an executable file that is part of the EZ Gig II Monitor software system from Apricorn, Inc.  EZ Gig II is a type of cloning software that allows the creation of image files which could be used as duplicate or backup files.  EZ Gig is especially useful when cloning drives and important programs that run in the Windows environment.  Whenever EZ Gig II is installed, various system files will be stored in one’s computer including ezgigmonitor.exe.

EZ Gig II is just one of so many software products from Apricorn. This company started though as a manufacturer of storage devices for computers.  From hardware, this company which is based in California has eventually evolved into making software products including EZ Gig II which has become known as a good backup or cloning software.  In the field of computer software, products such as EZ Gig are important tools in terms of having backup files and recovery of important files whenever hardware or software problems are encountered.  In the case of the Windows platform, EZ Gig II can be used to make image copies of various drives in order to have a contingency whenever any problem happens.  With the EZ Gig software active or installed, various system files will also work in the background including ezgigmonitor.exe.

Whenever there are problems with the EZ Gig software, one’s computer may point out the error to a specific file like ezgigmonitor.exe.  When this happens, some people automatically think of this file as a type of virus.  There are also websites that classify this file as malware.  With contrasting information, many generic users need not panic especially if they have EZ Gig installed on their computers.  When in doubt though, users may need to consult with computer software experts to check if the errors pointing to ezgigmonitor.exe are indeed malware-related or not.

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