What is Eysenck personality inventory?

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What is Eysenck personality inventory?

Eysenck Personality Inventory or EPI refers to a test to determine the personality of a person as developed by Hans Jurgen Eysenck and his wife Sybil Eysenck. EPI is also referred to as EPQ or the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire because the test itself involves people answering several questions about their personality traits. The questions involved in EPI are said to be rooted from Eysenck’s theory that a person’s personality is mainly a product of genes and physiology. Hans Jurgen Eysenck also believes that experiences that are learned may also form part of one’s personality, but the primary contributing factors are basically inherited rather than acquired.

The measures and questions involved in Eysenck Personality Inventory basically revolves on two basic personality traits or dimensions namely extraversion-introversion and neuroticism-stability. Extraversion refers to personalities that are considered lively and very comfortable around people. Extraverts tend to be very talkative and have high energy levels. The concern with this dimension is that they need stimulation from their external environment in order to maintain their behavior. Introversion meanwhile is the exact opposite of extraversion. Eysenck theorizes that almost 70% of people will fall somewhere in between being extraverts and introverts. The other dimension of personality according to EPI is called neuroticism-stability. Neuroticism involves personality traits that are mostly composed of negative feelings like being anxious and depressed. These people basically don’t have much control of their motions. In contrast, stable personalities are those that can achieve a balance of their emotions.
When taking the Eysenck Personality Inventory or test, people will simply answer several questions regarding their thoughts and feelings towards specific things and situations. Questions are answerable by a simple yes or no. The answers will then be tabulated with a specific scale telling which personality classification a person belongs to. Through EPI, one will be able to know his/her personality traits and tendencies.

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