What is evolutionary perspective?

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Evolutionary perspective refers to a part of psychology that stemmed out from evolutionary tendencies. Human behavior is studied, assessed, and analyzed through different views and perspectives including the evolutionary point of view among many others like the cognitive, behavioral, and cross-cultural perspectives. With evolutionary perspective or psychology, the study of human behavior, thoughts, and feelings are assumed to have result from evolution.

In the evolutionary perspective of psychology, human behavior is assumed to have come from people’s adaptive tendencies. In the evolutionary point of view, the basic principles of adaptation, survival, natural selection, and reproduction are taken into account in terms of analyzing the way people think, feel, and behave. People’s overall psychological make-up are considered to be a result of evolution-related concerns. Overall, the most basic explanation for evolutionary perspective is the one on psychological adaptation. In this field of psychology, experts assume that people’s behavior were results of their own adaptation to their environment which is a classic part of the evolution theory. A person’s social behavior for example is said to have rooted from the instinct of the early people in the past. This instinct evolved from adaptation to the harshness of the environment in terms of survival. Other people’s feelings, point of views and emotions were also thought of as products of evolutionary pressures like natural selection and reproduction among others.

In evolutionary perspective, human thoughts and processes are said to exist secondary to what was required of the early humans during the so-called evolutionary times. People’s choices back then were said to be made out of the need for survival and reproduction for example. Unlike other psychological perspectives that base people’s thought processes on other factors like the environment and social exposure, evolutionary psychology focuses on studying human behavior and thoughts based on the adaptive pressures people felt in the early times.

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