What is EVMd?

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EVMd refers to the Event Volume Management Logger daemon component of Oracle’s clusterware.  Oracle Database is the primary software of Oracle and it can be implemented using software that allow for computer clustering.  One such software is called RAC or Real Application Clusters and it will run with various components that provide various services.  One such component is EVMd or the Event Volume Management Logger daemon which helps provide updates regarding the state of computer resources.  Through the EVMd, the status of the other nodes will also be known.

Under the Oracle platform, computer clusters are needed in order to make a network of computers run more efficiently. Under the RAC or Real Application Clusters, several nodes of a computer network can basically run on their own without interfering the activities of the other nodes or clusters.  Through Clusterware by Oracle, several nodes of a network can efficiently communicate with each other and provide status of each other’s activities and resources.  In this way, the entire Oracle database and network can be managed similar to a single unit simply because of clustering.

Oracle’s clustering software also features other components aside from EVMd.  One main component is called CRSd or Cluster Ready Services daemon which is in-charge of stopping or starting a particular service in order to manage the network’s resources.  Another component of clustering is OCSSd or Oracle Cluster Synchronization Services daemon and this will handle the so-called group services in the network.  EVMd meanwhile will take care of managing small processes through its evmlogger feature. Any event or activity within its node will be tracked by EVMd and these include system boot up or restart for example.  Through the event logger all evmlogger, all ‘event’s in the cluster will be recorded and communicated with other clusters and nodes accordingly by the EVMd component.

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