What is Everclear?

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What is Everclear?
Everclear is a known brand of grain alcohol bottled by the David Sherman Corporation, now called as Luxco. It is available in 75.5% (151 proof) and 95% (190 proof) variants.

Everclear has the most high alcohol content among hard drinks and liquor. Most vodkas and rums only contain up to 120-proof or 60% alcohol. That is why this alcoholic drink is banned in many states in the US.

Because of its very high alcohol content, Everclear is said to very flammable and is usually served as a drink mix with other alcoholic or fruit-based beverages. It also cannot be taken straight like in drinking shots, as it will cause burning of the throat. The Everclear bottle itself contains a warning not to drink it straight and instead mix it with other drinks.

As a form of grain alcohol, Everclear is well loved by hard drinkers. Grain alcohol, sometimes referred to as ethanol, is said to be very pure and potent. It also distinguishes itself from other types of alcohol because during the fermentation process, the yeast that is put in the mixture is allowed to break down almost all of the sugar content. This results to a form of alcohol that is so pure and refined.

With such a strong alcohol kick and burning reputation, Everclear became the drink of all hard drinks. In just a few shots, one will definitely feel the alcohol punch. Everclear is commonly mixed with the following drinks: jungle juice, screwdrivers, Barcardi Volcano, Flaming Blow Job, Forest Fire, Demon Drop, Strawberry Bomb, Sour Death, Trashcan Punch, and Yaka among others.

But aside from alcoholic drinks like wines and spirits, Everclear may also be mixed with soft drinks, fruit juices, iced teas, and energy beverages. And since it is a type of alcohol, Everclear may also be used as an antiseptic for cleaning wounds and for general household use.

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