What is Evangelism?

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What is Evangelism?
Evangelism is the act of telling other people the good news found in the Bible. It is especially intended for those who haven’t found salvation through Jesus Christ yet. Evangelism is for those who are hungry of the truth about God’s gift to humanity.

Evangelism, when translated to Greek, is “euaggelistes”. The word refers to “one who declares good news”. In the bible’s New Testament, “evangelize” also referred to spreading Jesus Christ’s good news. In Jesus’ time, he started his “own” evangelism by becoming man. He was supposed to be the living example of God’s promise. He preached about kindness to strangers and enemies, and he used parables in his stories so people may understand. He spoke of planting good seeds which will bear good fruits later on in life. And he also emphasized the power of prayer in maintaining life’s balance.

Evangelism in Christianity today focuses on several aspects. Faith is the most important and it is the foundation of truth for every person. Without it, nobody will be able to continue spreading the word of God. Another aspect is teaching people to repent from their sins as taught by Jesus himself. Evangelism also teaches people not to be obsessed with material things and to be humble and kind to others. Obedience to God in terms of trying to follow His ways is a common idea given to unbelievers for them to see the whole truth about God’s blessings and sacrifices for man.

Christian churches today do evangelism through spreading the gospel, just as Jesus did. The churches also encourage every church member, and not just evangelists, to tell other people about the gospel and God’s promises. And helping those who evangelize and preach is also part of the church’s effort to bring people closer to God. So, evangelism somewhat evolved into a cycle or a process of not just plainly speaking of the truth, but also includes cooperation among the people who have a common purpose of seeking God’s grace.

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