What is evaluation?

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Evaluation is a process that involves assessment of an idea, project, or activity and judging its worth in terms of value, merit, or importance.  In most cases, evaluation of a subject is governed by common standards and practices in order to come up with a fair assessment or conclusion. Through evaluation, subjects and/or projects can be thoroughly assessed at different angles to basically check if all aspects are within expectations or if some parts are deemed unimportant or yielding below-average results.

In the educational setup for example, evaluation of students is done for a variety of reasons. Through a set of exams and activities, students of a particular school may be evaluated for competency in specific subjects. Through evaluation, school administrators and teachers will know which students excel in different subject and which students may need help. Through this approach, contingency measures may be implemented to assist students who were evaluated as low performers. Other evaluation techniques may also be done to test if a certain teaching method is effective for a particular group of students. By implementing a set of rules and standards, schools can assess whether one teaching method is getting the desired results.

The evaluation process may also be applied to different setups. Organizations and companies may use evaluative procedures to test the effectiveness of their products and services. For newly implemented projects and procedures, a thorough evaluation may also be done to merit its implementation, budget, and resources. Evaluation may also be done to help companies decide for future investments or for overhauling existing operational activities. In these examples, evaluation will basically help people to get an idea or summary of ideas whether some project or undertaking is really worth doing or if it has achieved success as desired and hoped for. The evaluation process will also help people have a better understanding of a particular subject or activity in terms of its worth, value, or effectiveness.

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