What is Ester-C?

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What is Ester-C?
Ester-C is a brand of vitamin C supplement in the form of Calcium Ascorbate. This supplement is a result of a patented manufacturing process wherein the resulting product is said to be ph-neutral and contains only natural metabolites of Vitamin C. These metabolites then act to stimulate the activity of Vitamin C molecules and allow for easy absorption by the body.

Studies have shown that Ester C elevated the Vitamin C levels in the body. This increase is attributed to the presence of metabolites like threonate. With more Vitamin C circulating in the body, more of them will be absorbed and used by cells for various metabolic activities. This will then lead to optimal health benefits.

While it is known to many people that natural Vitamin C may be taken from various fruits like mangoes and pineapples and green leafy vegetables, many choose to take various supplements because of inadequate supplies of this vitamin from natural sources. Others also take supplements for the various health benefits given by Vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been tagged as a great vitamin in preventing various illnesses like the common cold and flu. It also boosts the body’s immune responses to sickness. Vitamin C also plays an important role in bone growth and development and it helps maintain the good functions of connective tissues, blood vessels, and muscles.

But not all people may be allowed to take Ester-C or another type of vitamin C, as some of them may be allergic to ascorbic acid. Some medical conditions also require consultation with doctors before taking this supplement. These conditions include kidney disease, liver disease, and GSPD, a type of enzyme deficiency.

Though there are already hundreds of Vitamin C supplements available in the market today, Ester-C distinguishes itself by claiming that their brand allows for quicker absorption and longer retention of Vitamin C in the body.

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