What is Esquire Magazine?

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What is Esquire Magazine?
Esquire magazine is basically a men’s magazine which is all-encompassing of the different topics and subjects for men. Thus, it is not just a fashion, health or money magazine ‘“ it is all that! From its advent in the printed media industry in October of 1933, the publication has garnered innumerable honors and awards and continues to dominate the field for nearly 70 years. To define this magazine in a nutshell, it is a reading material that tackles the curiosity, interests and passions of the male species.

The magazine delivers meaty contents which cover practically everything about men and so much more. You could find entries and features in the magazine which talk about the contemporary men’s fashion. There are also articles and features that tackle about men’s grooming from the latest haircuts and hairstyle, beard trimming and styles and men’s hygiene concerns in general. No men’s magazine would ever be complete without a dedicated page about women. In the contemporary issues of Esquire, there are topics about women and relationships and the sought after women in Hollywood and all around the world.

Since it is an all-encompassing reading material, there are also dedicated pages featuring different men’s drinks and liquors such as martini recipes, margarita and Moscow mule recipes, vodka drinks and other mainstays for men’s beverages. Modern day men also give importance to health and wellness hence you could find it in the recipes and wellness for men.

Esquire magazine is a highly preferred and enjoyed print medium which has garnered awards such as the winner for the 2007 National Magazine Award for Reporting, National Magazine Awards for General Excellence and Profile Writing and National Magazine Award for Reviews and Criticisms among others. It is very popular and successful that the magazine has expanded from print to the Worldwide Web.

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