What is ESPN3?

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What is ESPN3?
ESPN3 is an ESPN online Website featuring live broadband sporting events from around the world, giving sports fans an interactive experience. It is currently available in North America, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Middle East and Europe (except in Italy). In the United States, it is available to those who subscribe to it through their cable or high speed Internet service provider. However, since 2008, ESPN3 has been available free to college students and military watching from an .edu or .mil IP address. And in November 2010, ESPN3 launched on Xbox Live for Xbox Live Gold Members to watch events at no additional cost.

Originating in 2005, ESPN3 began as ESPN360.com. It was more of on-demand site for watching programming such as studio news shows. It switched gears in 2007 to hosting live events, due to confusion among fans concerning video offerings and access.

ESPN3 broadcasts approximately 3,000 games annually. Some are exclusive to ESPN3, but others are enhanced versions of ones shown on ESPN or ESPN2. Events include college football and basketball, golf, men and women’s basketball, major league baseball, tennis and more. Games are archived for a short period of time.

To watch events, sports fans can download an ESPN3 viewing player, which allows someone to watch up to six events in one viewing window. Sporting events can be viewed in either normal or wide screen formats. The player has four features including upcoming and current events, stats of the event being watched, a chat forum and a Facebook link to post comments. It also has DVR options to allow you to pause, rewind or fast forward live events.

If you have an ESPN.com account, ESPN3 also has a remote access feature to watch while you are away from home, though it is not yet available through wireless cards.

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