What is escarole?

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Escarole is green leafy vegetable that is part of the endive family of leafy greens. It has a pale green color and its leaves become more curly and broader as it radiates outward. This vegetable is considered has a much less bitter taste compared to regular endive greens. With a paler and blander taste, many people prefer having escarole in various salad preparations. Along with other vegetables like celery, cabbage, and carrots, escarole is a common salad green and provides an extra crunch with its curly and broad leaves.

Being a popular salad green, most people only know of escarole as being eaten raw. Its pale and curly leaves not only provide a base for various vegetable and fruit salad preparations but it also provides a healthy and nice look. Not many people may be so familiar about it but escarole can also be eaten cooked in a variety of dishes. Sautéed escarole is a common and easy preparation for these leafy green vegetables. Its taste is also a common addition to various soups and broths. For any preparation, similar leafy greens such as lettuce and cabbages may not provide enough taste for a dish. This is the very reason why many people prefer escarole over other leafy greens because its taste is good enough for various preparations.

The best thing about escarole is that it is a natural source of various nutrients like folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and fiber. Vitamin A is a sought-after nutrient because it helps to boost good vision and healthy skin. Vitamin K and folic acid are also essential nutrients that the body needs for various metabolic processes. The fiber content in escarole is also very high making it an ideal food item for people who are watching their weight. The fiber content in food like escarole is good for proper digestion and for keeping the feeling of being satiated for an extended period. With a fiber-rich meal containing escarole, people will literally feel fuller longer and this will help them manage weight issues.

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