What is equality?

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Equality builds the basis of human rights i.e. to treat everyone equally. Humans should be treated equally in the areas of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age and sexual orientation. And when states talk about equality, they mean that there is no discrimination in any of the above mentioned areas. It is very important to know the basic concept of equality as people mis perceive it and make new laws and regulations associated with equality.


The development of equality in well established states shows a great history. In Britain, some anti discrimination laws were formed in 1970s whose main aim was to eliminate discrimination in the areas of gender, race religion etc. Under these anti discrimination laws, some acts were formed. Each act was directly related to a specific problem. For example The Sex determination act was formed in order to eliminate the element of discrimination with respect to the sex of people. This act was important to introduce because earlier, there was a lot of gender discrimination in the societies especially in the work place. Mostly, men were given priority in every profitable project. Some other acts that were formed under Britain’s anti discrimination laws include the equal pay act (1970), the race relations act (1976), the disability determination act (1995), the employment equality regulations with respect to sexual orientations, religious beliefs and age (2003, 2006, 2007). But today societies have successfully managed to promote equality in their surroundings. Disable people are getting equal rights just like the healthy normal people get. Promoting and understanding the concept of equality is just a matter of care and sympathy for others that a good human being should have. Still there are some states where equality is not very well applied and they follow the old traditions and methods while distributing rights to the people. By adding equality in the society, many common problems can be solved and everyone can get equal rights in almost every aforementioned area.

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