What is EQECAT?

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EQECAT is a company involved in providing insurance and financial-related services for various clients in the field of risk modeling, property and casualty insurance. The basic services of EQECAT helps various businesses have the right information in terms of calculating various risks that are brought about by life-changing, natural, and catastrophic events. Through risk modeling services that are based on state-of-the-art technology, EQECAT is considered one of the world’s leaders and innovators in the field of risk modeling services. EQECAT operates as a subsidiary of ABSG Consulting, Inc. and holds its main office in the city of Oakland in California, USA.

The main service provided by EQECAT basically involves quantifying and managing business risks to its clients which are typically involve in insurance and financial servicing. Through coordination with the best and experts in the fields of risk management and modeling, EQECAT aims to provide the most sought-after opinion and suggestions that could help its business partners prevent an internal disaster by way of calculating catastrophic risks and providing risk analytics and tools to help manage business problems.

EQECAT is able to become the world’s leader in risk modeling because of its experience and the expertise provided by its staff that came from various respected organizations in the world. The people that become part of EQECAT are those that have active experience and members of organizations in the fields of geophysics, wind engineering, meteorology, civil engineering, and seismology among many other fields. Many of their staff and personnel are also part of various associations including those involved in risk insurance, earthquake research, and catastrophe management. With a broad pool of talent and a dedicated management team, EQECAT has grown to become the preferred advisor in risk modeling and management not only in the US but also in other countries around the world. In fact, EQECAT has won as the best firm in the field of risk modeling from Reactions Global Awards for 2011 and 2012.

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