What is EQ?

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Emotional Quotient

EQ is the short acronym for Emotional Quotient which refers to the approach used to measure Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotional Intelligence is a person’s ability to assess, perceive and manage their own emotions and those of other people. Emotions have the ability to affect people’s most vital personal and work relationships. Due to the change happening in the business world today, difficulties in managing relationships can easily sabotage a business more than any other thing. Often, it is not lack of good strategies that lands businesses in problems but their inability to manage emotions. Research shows that emotional intelligence is at least twice important than anything else in contributing to expertise and excellence at workplace. This means that persons in leadership positions such as supervisors, departmental heads and managers in organizations need to be trained on emotional intelligence in order to help them develop competencies like listening more, inspiring others and supporting employees address challenges on their own.

Attributes of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence consists of four attributes. The first attribute is awareness of self. This implies one’s ability to recognize own emotions and being aware of how those emotions affect their behavior and thought processes. It is also being aware of personal weaknesses and strengths in order to enhance self-confidence. The second attribute is managing self. This means one’s ability to keep impulsive behaviors and feelings under control. It means adopting healthy approaches to manage emotions, taking initiative and following up on commitments. It also includes a person’s ability to adapt to dynamic circumstances. Social awareness is the third attribute which implies one’s ability to understand the needs, concerns and emotions of other people. It is being able to notice and pick emotional cues, be socially comfortable and being aware of power changes within a group. The fourth attribute involves managing relationships. This is the ability to build and sustain healthy relationships, influence others, communicate clearly and manage conflict.

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