What is EPW?

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EPW or Economic and Political Weekly is a magazine published by Sameeksha Trust in Mumbai, India.  This magazine features various articles and papers to topics relating to India’s political, social, and economic scene.  Some sections are also dedicated to historical reports with comments and analysis. The first EPW magazine was published back in 1949 and has consistently been known as the country’s publication with a social conscience.  EPW is widely known for its leftist comments and articles regarding India’s social and political environments.  This social and political stand of the magazine has earned it the trust of its thousands of readers and supporters.  As of 2014, this popular weekly magazine has about 13000 print subscribers.  Its online version has also become very successful with subscriptions now totalling to around 5000.

India’s Economic and Political Weekly has become India’s source of relevant and up-to-date information on the country’s economic, social, and political scene.  The best thing about this magazine is that its contents are contributed by various people including students, scholars, expert economists, sociologists, political activists, and researchers among many others.  Research journals and reports are published alongside a commentary section wherein readers and other people can also include their own views and opinions regarding certain issues in India.  EPW basically serves as a platform for various people in India to get their ideas across and also get the ideas of other people.  With this kind of publication, EPW is touted as having a “social conscience”.

Many articles published in EPW are stories about the state of India’s economic and political situation.  There are also various sections that highlight the plight of many disadvantaged people in India. Aside from these articles, other stories on history and environmental studies are also published on Economic and Political Weekly.  As with political and economic issues, enough space is allocated for the writer’s comments, views, and arguments on the published story.

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