What is EPS File?

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What is EPS File?
EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, which is a format used by vector graphics. EPS files are based on the postscript standards of Adobe. EPS can be used in almost all types of graphic applications. However, the file is often utilized in illustrations in articles, books, magazines and other published media. Various types of software programs may be used in manipulating EPS files.

EPS file may contain bitmap images, text, and graphics in 2D vector. The file can also utilize embedded preview image formatted in bitmap. Moreover, EPS file can also be contained by another EPS file. Oftentimes, postscript files are utilized as standard means for moving image files between various operating systems.

People may not think that they are already viewing EPS files. Viewing such files is actually not difficult. Window based and Mac computers have in any case one program that can be utilized to view EPS files.

Window based computers may have Microsoft Word. This program can view EPS files by embedding them in documents. To view EPS file using Microsoft Word, simply drag and drop the file to the word document. However, if using an older version of Microsoft Office, you might need to utilize the insert function.
Other Window based programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator can open or manipulate EPS files. However, such programs can be costly. There is program that can be used free of charge. An open source program known as Ghostview can be used to open EPS files and PDF files. This open source program is based on the postscript engine of Ghostscript. On the other hand, Mac computers can open EPS files using the Apple Preview. This program is pre-installed in all Mac computers.

If you intend to edit or manipulate EPS file you have to own image software programs that may cost a lot of money. Several programs are considered fairly affordable but powerful, they are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and CorelDRAW. EPS files can also be converted to other formats using the programs mentioned.

Another program worth checking is the ImageMagick. This program can transform EPS files in other formats. ImagMagick is designed to convert EPS files to various raster and vector image formats. However, you must always take into account that scaling a raster format from an EPS file will not result to a perfect image. It is necessary to begin with an appropriate resolution.

There are two types of EPS file which are the vector based graphics and EPS photo file. Vector based graphics are not difficult to open or edit when it comes to type and color. Graphic file that are vector based can be scaled infinitely. Scaling will not degrade the image result since the files are vector based. On the other hand, EPS photo files cannot be scaled beyond a resolution that is set. Scaling such EPS file may degrade the image.

Window based computers may have problems associating with EPS files. When this happens, problems in registry may be causing this problem. Tweaking the registry remedies the problems with regards to incorrect file associations. There are various professional programs that may be utilized to repair registry errors.

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