What is ePrint?

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What is ePrint?
ePrint is a printing technology developed by HP wherein their new generation of printers will now be able to print documents and images via an email system instead of the usual route of using basic computers. With the ePrint-enabled printer, users will be able to instruct the device to print by means of an email address tagged to each printer. This means that ePrint printers must be connected to the internet or “in the cloud” for them to be able to do the printing task. Working in the same concept as sending email messages, users simply type the email address of the printer and he/she can print documents right away.

ePrint technology provides a very convenient way to have access to a printer apart from the usual desktop computer or laptop. This new printer technology is especially advantageous and helpful to mobile internet-capable devices such as smartphones and various other mobile internet devices. Most mobile devices are too small to accommodate ports for printer setups. And basic printer setups also require files and libraries for it to properly run. With the ePrint technology, printing has become accessible and convenient because users just need to type in the printer’s email address and they will get their printouts instantly.

Another good thing about the ePrint technology is that the printing system also works the other way around. Meaning the printer itself can also connect with the mobile device via the internet to send the scan copy of a particular document into a soft copy of the file. So if users will scan pictures on an ePrint-enabled printer, then this particular printer will be able to send the image file to the smartphone or other mobile device.

The ePrint technology is certainly good news especially for people who are always mobile or “on the go”. Having the power to send documents for printing from virtually anywhere is a great feature offered by HP’s ePrint technology.

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