What is Epiphany?

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Epiphany refers to a Christian celebration that commemorates the revelation of Jesus Christ as a human being. The word “epiphany” is synonymous with “revelation” or “manifestation” and Christ’s moment of revelation is typically associated with the visit of the three Magis or Kings after his birth in Bethlehem. January 6 is a common day of the celebration of the Epiphany which is said to coincide with the 3 Magi’s visit at Bethlehem. This particular day is also often labelled as the Twelfth Day of Christmas marking the same visit by the Magis or Kings. It is during this particular day that God revealed His Son through Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem. Roman Catholics for example celebrate the feast of the Epiphany on January 6, which is exactly the Twelfth day after December 25 which is widely considered as Christmas day.

Some Christian denominations also consider the baptism of Jesus Christ as a moment of Epiphany. When John baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, for Eastern Christian denominations, this was supposedly the moment wherein God revealed himself to the world as a human being. There are also other Christian churches that consider the turning of water into wine by Jesus during his time was considered the Epiphany.

Epiphany being a Christian feast that literally meant about revelation or manifestation also evolved into a word with similar meaning. An event or situation that occurred suddenly or out of nowhere is considered an epiphany. Finding a solution to a complicated concern that happened almost suddenly is considered a moment of epiphany. In this particular case, the moment of epiphany occurred only after time and effort were already exhausted into finding an idea or solution. With its association to the Christian celebration, the word epiphany is also often used in instances wherein there is so-called Divine intervention or when the moment of discovery or realization and revelation is related to supernatural powers or phenomenon.

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