What is EOWA?

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EOWA or the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency is an organization that is run by the Australian government to help promote equality in the workplace especially for women. The main goal or function of the agency is to monitor eligible companies and organizations across Australia in terms of giving women the same opportunities to work and get promoted as that with men. In a typical society like Australia, many women are still not given what they deserve in terms of employment opportunities and growth. Just because of gender, various aspects in the workplace are said to be biased against women. With this common concern, the Australian government formed EOWA and tasked the agency to specifically address it and promote equality in the workplace.

According to EOWA, equal opportunity is not limited only to employment opportunities for women. In this aspect, more and more women are gaining access to various positions in the workplace which used to be dominated by male-specific positions only. In terms of job opportunities, women have increasingly gained ground over years of hard work and advocacy by the EOWA or Equal opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency. The gender equality promoted by EOWA also applies to giving value and recognition to the work rendered by women across Australia. The basic argument is that many women are paid lower for the same position as that with a male employee. The same thing may also be true in terms of recognition and rewards. Not all women get to have the same rewards and perks as most men do in any typical organization or workplace.

Through EOWA, organizations and companies are assisted in terms of workplace program conceptualization, development, and implementation. This is to ensure that women’s rights are valued as that of men in terms of job function, security, and recognition. The agency also creates guidelines to follow and monitors the same if the organizations are able to implement them. It is also the EOWA’s task to continue research programs to further enhance and promote gender equality in the workplace.

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