What is EOP?

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Educational Opportunity Program

EOP is the acronym for Educational Opportunity Program. EOP was designed for purposes of improving retention and access of students who are disadvantaged educationally and have a low-income history. Students enrolled under this program are those with demonstrated potential and are motivated to perform well but they are unable to exploit their potential due to their academic or economic background. Through EOP, eligible students get admitted for undergraduate programs and benefit from academic assistance. In most cases, eligible students receive financial aid through this program and campuses often customize their programs in order to suit the needs of the students admitted to study there. EOP is provided as part of student services.

Benefits of EOP

EOP programs benefit students in various ways. It offers information that is important for prospective students in terms of helping them identify a campus where they would want to study. It also plays an important role in providing assistance to eligible students complete their college admission process. Upon admissions to college, EOP students have the opportunity to enroll for the EOP summer programs. Summer programs are aimed at strengthening EOP students’ abilities in English, Maths as well as provide them with other skills that are important for successful completion of college education. EOP students are also taken through a college orientation program. This program is designed to prepare students for college life and help them learn about the programs and services offered at the campus. As they enroll in college, EOP students also receive tutoring, advisory and counseling services to ensure that their transition to college life is smooth and comfortable. For EOP sponsored students, EOP assistance extends beyond undergraduate level. Upon graduation from college, EOP provides support to students wishing to proceed to graduate school or for employment. Such students get EOP assistance in applying for employment relating to their major or for graduate school.

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