What is EOM?

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What is EOM?
EOM is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘End of Message’ which is often used in electronic mails. The basic purpose of these three letters is to save you precious time especially in opening and replying to a particular message. It simply tells you not to reply anymore because of the obvious reasons. It may not be a very popular term known in the internet and emailing world. However, once your correspondents get to know its real meaning, it could save time in sending back and forth unnecessary mail replies.

This term is actually used by people who exchange emails in much greater deal and who know how important it is to write very short messages especially in the subject line. You could write it on the subject line and make a brief and concise message and conclusion. The moment the receiver reads EOM on the subject line, he automatically knows that all the contents of the mail are already in the subject line and there’s no need to open the note.

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EOM is an easy to use and even copy and paste term you could put on the email subject line. This is also a well crafted term which has flexible use such as in task lists, notes and calendars. Through using this term and sending it to your correspondents every time you send a mail, you are also encouraging them to do the same. It is actually a very contagious yet beneficial way of efficiently saving time and energy especially in the workplace.

The term End of Message guarantees that your message would get through and ensures 100% readership. With this type of message, you will no longer worry about your message not getting read or ignored because from the subject line, they already know what you want to convey.

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