What is EOM in nursing?

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In the field of nursing, EOM may stand for extra-ocular muscles. These muscles are the ones that support the eye and allow it to move in different directions. EOM is actually a muscle group composed of 6 different muscles that perform specific tasks to allow eye movement. Four of these so-called EOM muscles are responsible for moving the eyes towards the four cardinal directions which are right, left, up, and down. The other two members of EOM or extra-ocular muscles are used when the eyes make certain adjustments relative to its position and the movement of the head and body.

Ordinary people may see EOM in doctor’s or nurses’ charts of patients. In the medical field, various terms are often shortened or given short phrases for faster and more efficient charting and recording of patient’s medical history for example. In the case of EOM, it can typically be seen when a nurse has undergone visual assessment of a particular patient who may have eye affectation. Some patients with neurological disorder s such as cerebrovascular accidents may also merit the use of visual assessments as part of the overall medical check-up or consultation. Whenever the eyes are checked for any abnormality, nurses may record the health of the extra-ocular muscles and indicate EOM in patient records. Since EOM or the extra-ocular muscles are involved with the control of eye movement, testing the eyes to move in different directions will give a great assessment if the EOM group of muscles are healthy or not.

For people with abnormalities in the functioning of their EOM, they may be initially referred to eye specialists. This is to ensure that all tests are done to determine the cause of concern on the extra-ocular muscles. For most people, having concerns with EOM may only mean that the problem is with the muscles alone. In some cases, EOM-related problems may actually root from damaged nerves or other neurological and physiological conditions.

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