What is Environmental Sustainability?

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What is Environmental Sustainability?
Environmental Sustainability refers to actions and/or projects done by people that can be performed or done continuously or for long periods of time with little or no adverse impact to the environment. This is the typical “mantra” of various environmental groups all over the world not only to protect resources for the present generation but to preserve them for future generations. Many governments also promote various activities and development plans that are designed to provide for the needs of present times and projects that do not compromise environmental resources for future times.

The basic concept of environmental sustainability has been around for centuries. Logging activities in the past already presented the concern that new trees need to be planted to maintain supply and for future use. The use of trees for various purposes resulted in barren lands and deforestation. This condition certainly had an immediate impact on the surrounding neighborhoods as more floods occurred from heavy rain. People back then also realized that resources such as trees need to be replenished steadily not only to keep up with existing demand but also to make sure that future generations have enough resources for their own needs.

Today, government agencies and private companies work hand in hand to maintain some sort of environmental or ecological balance. Many promote the idea of recycling so as not to deplete resources at the present time. Various recycling drives are promoted across different communities to encourage every person to take responsibility for the present health of the environment and to protect it from abuse. Along with recycling drives, people are also encouraged to reduce consumption of resources and re-use items that can be still of value. All these efforts are aimed at promoting sustainability in the environment so that future generations will have enough resources to meet all their needs.

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