What is Entomology?

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Entomology refers to the branch of science which studies insects, as well as their relationship with the environment and other organisms, including humans. Those who study this field are called entomologists and can make substantial contributions in different fields, such as biology, agriculture, human and animal health, chemistry, molecular science, and forensics. Studying insects can also lead to developments in pest control, biological diversity, food production, pharmaceutical, as well as other science fields.

This branch of science can be considered as an ancient science because it has been around since the time when Aristotle established biology as a field of study. In order to promote the study of this field, entomologists have also formed a society called Entomological Society of America more than a hundred years ago.

There are various branches of entomology, and some of the specific areas of study include insect morphology, ecology, insect behavior, among others. They may study how insects evolve and also look into the ways by which insects interrelate with other organisms. For instance, entomologist may study insect vectors of human diseases or how locusts affect crops. In addition, insects may also serve as tools that will enable a person to learn more about crime victims.

To start a career in the field of entomology, a person must obtain a strong foundation in the sciences. Since entomology is a very broad field, an individual may choose to focus on a particular subfield and attend different programs relating to that area of study. There are different kinds of entomologists, such as the apiologists who study bees, the myrmecologists who study ants, the lepidopterist who focus on butterflies, and the coleopterists who focus on beetles. As mentioned, entomology is a vast field which is why people who practice in this field normally pursue further graduate studies and post-doctoral works.

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