What is Enquiry-based learning?

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Enquiry-based learning is a way of learning and/or teaching that is based on a person’s own questions, ideas, and research. Unlike the standard approach of providing students with reading materials and letting them study specific items, Enquiry-based learning focuses on the students’ point of view and inquiries in terms of their background and social experience. In this type of learning approach, the students or so-called inquirers will formulate the questions themselves and seek for possible answers through research and case studies, investigative reports, and other projects which may be done alone or with other groups of people. The main feature of enquiry-based learning is that the learner or student him/herself will seek knowledge based on his/her own inquiries or questions.

Most educational systems across the globe are considered traditional because the students are merely given items, lessons, and books to read and learn. Most of the time, the students will expect to be given what details to memorize and what lessons to concentrate on because they are simply told to do so. For non-traditionalists, enquiry-based learning is a better approach because it involves stimulating the minds of students and encouraging them to be more active in the learning process. Being more inquisitive is considered a great learning tool as it motivates people to actively seek for answers in various ways.

The best thing about enquiry-based learning is that it involves the whole cycle of learning from the formulation of questions, to the seeking of answers in various ways, and up to the arguments and final justifications of things learned or answers acquired. With so many questions encouraged at the start of the enquiry-based learning process, the students or learners already take an active part. The more active and engaged the students are, the more knowledge or learning they are expected to acquire. This is mainly because the students will experience themselves how a particular answer is acquired or finalized through different ways like research and case studies.

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