What is enigma?

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Enigma refers to something that is so difficult to understand or comprehend.  It could be a very mysterious person, a puzzling situation or thing that somehow comes up at something that cannot be described or determined easily.  When there is some kind of mystery regarding a person or situation for example, it is said that this person or situation produces a feeling of enigma.

The term “enigma” is rooted from the Latin word “aenigma and Greek word “ainigma”, which is said to have come from another term called “ainissesthai”.  Ainissessthai’s literal meaning is “to speak in riddles” which is essential the main thought of the word.  Something that seems like a riddle or something puzzling is an enigma.  Whether the one that is puzzling is a situation, thing, or person, either of the three is considered to be an enigma.  In fact, many people who like to speak or give out riddles and story puzzles are often described as enigmatic people.  The situations in riddles themselves are also considered to bring about a feeling of enigma.

With its reference to being puzzling and mysterious, the term enigma was said to be borrowed as the appropriate term for a kind of coding machine used back in World War II.  This particular machine was used to break different coded messages which were frequently used during the war.  With the complexity of the operation of the device, many people thought back then to have this device named as the Enigma machine.

Anything that is considered mysterious or puzzling fascinates lots of individuals.  This is specially true for scientists, adventurers, and explorers.  These people are thought of as those who love the challenge of solving mysteries and discovering new things that seem difficult to comprehend or understand.  Solving a puzzle or being to uncover a mystery is considered a very rewarding experience and so many of these people step forward in terms of facing an enigmatic situation.

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