What is ENIAC computer?

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ENIAC was a super computer created for the US military back in 1946. The research and development of ENIAC was sponsored by the US Army for the purpose of calculating so-called tables for artillery firing. A computerized system was basically needed at the time in terms of knowing which setup is more efficient in terms of target accuracy. With the various conditions that several weapons of the military are expected to go through in different areas or locations, studying and calculating the firing efficiency is considered very important. With this main purpose in place, the ENIAC computer was developed and created and became the world’s first ever computer that can be used for general purposes.

ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer and this was the product of John Mauchly and John Eckert’s efforts in research and development. Through the US military’s research wing called the BRL or the Ballistic Research Laboratory, the whole ENIAC idea was born. Both Mauchly and Eckert were known for their previous work in computing and scientific calculations. By 1943, both of them were commissioned by the US military to create a super computing machine to help with firing artillery tables. Work for the machine was said to be completed in about a year and was prompted by the ongoing war between many countries of the world. It was also said that the ENIAC was completed and introduced to the world by 1946 and was referred to then as the “Giant Brain” because of its digital capabilities and supercomputing powers. Its launch back in those days was said to bring excitement to the scientific community.

By the time the ENIAC project was done, World War II was already over. Its original plan of calculating artillery firing tables was not put into actual practice. The huge computer was still used extensively though by the US military. Part of its development and use was aimed towards the study and design of hydrogen bombs. Several studies including scientific calculations or number studies were also assisted through the use of the ENIAC project.

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