What is Engineering Technology?

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What is Engineering Technology?
Engineering Technology refers to a field of engineering wherein emphasis is put on application of the principles and technology involved in this field for the purpose of solving existing concerns and issues. Engineering Technology differs from Engineering in the sense that the former deals more on applied math or science while Engineering focuses more on theories and concepts. The curriculum involved in Engineering Technology also involves a more hands-on or practical approach in terms of project application and implementation. It could be said that those who graduate from Engineering Technology are better prepared for work than engineering graduates because of the focus on the application of knowledge and theories. While an engineer plans or develops a concept, an engineering technologist will implement what has been developed.

But Engineering Technology graduates do not become actual engineers after course completion. Even if they seem to be better qualified to start a job related to engineering and technology, graduates of this course are commonly hired to support engineers in various aspects of a particular project like design, research, development, testing, and troubleshooting. Most Engineering Technology graduates become technicians or technologists that play a supporting role to engineers of different projects. They do not become engineers but could be hired to perform many roles of engineers.

As with engineers, Engineering Technologists also have the option to specialize in a particular field. Those who want to be involved in conceptualizing and/or improving products and technologies may choose to become part of design and development. Those who are more at home with finding new technology and improving on existing technology may choose to become researchers. Even the educational program for Engineering Technology also involves various specializations from which students could choose from. Examples of Engineering Technology specializations include the fields of aeronautics, architecture, construction, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, environmental engineering, and surveying and geomatic among many others.

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